“The Decorations The Lights” Beam Bearings

The lights are not mere illumination. Pencahayaannya can muster the focus pelihatan. What sort of arrangement of the elegant and multifunctional lamp?

Highlight the light falling on the stage shows of artists who are doing a monologue. The fluorescent lamp has invited the audience to focus eyes see the action artists. The lights are like signposts. In the darkness, the lights will highlight the eyes follow the direction light fishing.

The function of the lights as the signposts are not just used on stage. In the interior, the function is used to strengthen the modern value of a room. “Pencahayaannya to the table, so it’s not on the floor,” bright Beautiful Julia Kirana Sacred Stephani, Business Development Executive Group, Panasonic Eco Solutions Sales Indonesia found in Da Vinci Tower, Jakarta, Friday (5/6).


The lights will show objects that are on the table, such as food, drinks, mobile, remote control or a book. Strobe light that focus on the object will help you find the required objects. So, any person does not need to waste time or energy is too much just to look for a mobile phone or remote control.

The lighting is done to provide a very similar on wall hangings. The lamp is placed in the upper part of the painting or wallpaper will highlight the decoration. From a distance, eyes will be directed to see the decorations as decorative room.

To get the light that more focus to the object and has a decorative function, the lamp is mounted directly under the vertical highlight objects or adjacent to the object. Some lights are mounted together in a parallel position leads to objects or down the line. The lights that add up to more than one will give the pencahaan evenly without excessive impressed. This, in contrast to conventional lamps, mounting the composition of light more intended to illuminate an entire room. The composition used in the form of memasangan light in the middle of the room and corner sections. So, the rays of light illuminates the entire room without considering the decorative side.

Stephani says even though the lamp is able to provide focus on the object. But in the bedroom, lamps can not be installed in any place. Because, the bedroom is the break room after a day of activities.

“Pencahaayan is not Usually placed on top of the head,” he said. the lights that are placed at the top of the head will make the eye being dazzled and rest is disturbed. This is different, with the installation of lights to highlight wall hangings as well as a living room or dining room. In the bedroom, lamps, preferred to meet the lighting in the room. The lights can be mounted on the top of the door or on top of the dresser. Mood lighting that is formed will not make the room becomes brightly lit. However, the way deliberately done considering the bedroom functions as a place of rest home residents. The lights are mounted right on top of the bed even bother because dazzle the eye.

In addition to the composition of the laying on of the lights, decorative lights makin supported by selection of the appropriate wall paint. Jemmy Haryono, Marketing Support Manager of Kansai Paint says cat as supporting light decor lies not in colors catnya, but depending on the type. “So that the lights looks bright to use paint semi gloss glossy, there is less,” said she found in the Kansai Paint Color Mosque Mosque in Indonesia 2015 Cut Mutia, Jakarta, Monday (9/6) afternoon.

Jemmy says paint a glossy shiny-looking wall when rays forged lamps. “Its more luxurious Rooms,” says he. Different case, if paint used a doft. When the stricken light rays, cat gives no reflection that add a decorative room. DIN/E-6

Between the white and Yellow Lights

White and yellow is the colour of the fluorescent lamp that is commonly found in the community. Color differences are not mere variations but there are psychological effects of luminescence that radiated.

A family room tersirami yellow light from every angle. The atmosphere is Dim from strobe lights yellow felt warm and make rilaks. Psychological effects of light and have a close relationship. Color glow lamp can be positive or negative mood mengguah indoors.

Widyastama Nugraha, Senior General Manager of Panasonic Eco Solution Sales Indonesia says in the base of the lamp is divided into two colors, yellow and white. The color white is used outdoors while the yellow color used in the room. “Because it’s indoors, ambiencesnya more soft,” said she found in the Panasonic showroom opening in Da Vinci Tower, Jakarta, Friday (5/9).

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small kitchen ideas with white cabinets

The short trick to make the room More Fresh Tekesan

Want to do home decorating but not had the time to do it? Don’t give up just yet, you do not always take a long time and should not be issued and re-arrange the stuff.

By making small changes, you can make your home feel fresh and spacious. Any changes to it? Here is his review as reported by the cheickmodibodiarra.com from the page, Sunday (6/6/2015).

small kitchen ideas with white cabinets
small kitchen ideas with white cabinets

Empty the table, this is a trick to make the room feel more spacious. You also need to dispose of unused stuff again.
For sofa cushion or tablecloth, choose floral motifs. This pattern will not be outdated.

Set the back lighting in the room. In the family room, bright lighting to make the room more vibrant impressed. As for the dining room, choose lighting that makes the room feel more comfortable.
Create a bedroom as comfortable as possible, one of them by selecting the sheets and blanket with soft materials. Place the Dim light near the bed.
To make you more excited about cooking, make your kitchen selayak it possible to cook. Don’t hide cooking tools, post on walls or kitchen table. In addition to make your kitchen more worthy, more saving place.

To make your home tidy, the key is to always return what you take into place. Happy decorating home!

In accordance with the themes that carried the ACE that is Do It Yourself, in this program interesting and functional products are presented so that you can decorate a room on its own without having to be tied to the builders.
“The repeated Repainting of the House is one of the main options for creating a new atmosphere and paint from Clark and Kensington being the right choice for you because this innovative products made from 100% Acrylic and low VOC formula 2 in 1 paint and primer are combined into one and provides thousands of beautiful color to the walls of your room. Besides the paint, the ACE also presents a variety of paint and applicator tool like other carpentry needs Multipurpose Ladder, a ladder that can be folded into 7 variant forms, is easy to use and saved and made from aluminum so it’s lighter, “said Amrullah, Deputy Store Manager. Sunday (7/6/2015).

If your bored with tiled flooring, you can replace it with hardwood floors that will make room in your House becomes warmer. Vertigo Laminate Floor is the right choice because using click system like puzzle so easy in installation.

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small kitchen ideas and inspiration

IKEA Dream Kitchen decoration Offer Appropriate Budget owned

Original furniture brand IKEA Sweden, known for its inspiring showrooms. Starting from the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen even today.

But now, you don’t have to just imagine the dream home décor, because it can be directly applied in your own home with the latest systems, METOD. First time released in the IKEA Asia-Pacific this June, a new custom system that can be applied at the kitchen of your House.

The system allows design METOD kitchen modular or customized. With this system, consumers are free to choose a design, customize the size of the room, function, needs and style to taste. You can choose the type of closet doors, tabletops, kitchen door handles and knop, to form the desired table legs.

small kitchen ideas and inspiration

Based on the METOD, there are three styles that can be applied to your home kitchen. These are modern style with a minimalist design and metallic, traditional style and also dominated the Scandinavian wooden décor.

“Everything can be adapted to the shape of the House and the wishes of the consumer. The design is also more flexible, for example in a drawer, there is a second drawer so that the storage is also more efficient. At the door of the Cabinet, the Interior also be ejected so no need to spend the entire contents of the closet if you want to pull out the stuff in the back, “said the Manager of IKEA Showroom Indonesia Borhan Erwan when found in Natural silk, IKEA Thursday (4/6/2015).

Large cabinets are also available in different sizes, depending on the area of the kitchen in your home. For example divided into 20 cm, width 40 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm. As for the height is 10 cm, 20 cm, even up to 220 cm for closet storage.

Not only can be customized with the shape of the House, excess METOD also provides engineering ‘ soft closing ‘ on every door and drawer of your kitchen cabinet. That way, any sekencang door or drawer is closed, suasanya remain calm without sound. In addition, in each drawer also installed lights to facilitate your search for the goods when the State of the dark room.

To realize a dream kitchen with the METOD, you can simply come to IKEA Alam Sutera if already know the big room kitchen at home. You can then register on the official site of IKEA and start decorating. No need to fear, the co-worker IKEA will also help you give the description fit or whether the placement of furniture and also input the appropriate advice. If there is no time, you can do it at home by going to the website of IKEA.

After knowing what you want, from IKEA experts will come to your home and performs measurements and noted all the things that are needed in the kitchen. Then start the planning process. Here, officers from IKEA will help realize the dream decor that is in your head.

After that, is the process of delivery and installation. Mentioned by Borhan, delivery and installation of your new kitchen set is adjusted depending on the stock of goods. “The most immediate one week if his stock is nice,” added the man accosted the familiar Bob it.

For the price, entirely adapted to the spacious room and the choice of decor. But you have to pay Rp 300 thousand for the measurements. Later, the nominal Rp 300 thousand that will be returned on the consumer in the form of exchangeable vocer with goods METOD and can be used within 6 months.

The “system kitchen METOD guaranteed 25 years. So if anyone doesn’t work well, we will do some checking and replacing them, “added Bob again.

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The experience of breaking the fast in the middle of Night Market

There are times when you opt for breaking the fast outside the home with family, relatives or people nearby. If you do not want to go to the mall with a long line of breaking the fast, restaurant one this could be an option.

Located at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Kuningan, Jakarta, Asian Restaurant has been a restaurant offering complete buffets with an open kitchen concept interactive. Well, in this month of Ramadan, the restaurant offered buffet dishes specially prepared by Chef de Cuisine, Dodiek Triwandaya for breaking the fast with a pretty unique themes i.e. Ramadan Night Market.

“Our concept is inspired by the traditions of critical limits stretcher the night market of typical native Indonesia celebrated on the night of the holy month of Ramadan,” said Irmadini Almolthma, Public Relation Officer of The Ritz-Carlton, Mega Kuningan, now found some time ago.


Here, you can find a wide array of takjil that is commonly found in the market such as es dawet, kolak pisang to little pastries as well as traditional markets and five feet which is certainly much more hygienic.

For dessert, you’ll be spoilt for choice with buffet specialties variation patisseries, starting from rice kebuli Betawi, oxtail soup, soto Betawi, pempek Palembang, the hapless meatballs with four kinds of chili sauce, grilled chicken, red herbs and much more.

Talk of Ramadan, it felt incomplete if not breaking the fast with the dish smells of the Middle East. To that end, it also provides several choices of exotic dishes guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds such as kebabs, hummus, tabouleh, tagine, and so on.

However, You should not miss is cereal shawarma pita bread which was given i.e. stuffing meat and fresh vegetables. Here there is a choice of three toppings for meat shawarma you can select own chickens, cows and goats.

Don’t worry, because the meat is so tender and gentle kambingnya. That certainly you can feel the typical Middle Eastern spices in these three choices of meat.

Minang Lamb Chop, Asian Restaurant, The Ritz-Carlton Mega Kuningan.
Minang Lamb Chop.

Amosfer Ramadan increasingly feels like live music with a live band and mirwas held to entertain the visitors of the restaurant. Don’t miss the beautiful décor with tents, lamps, as well as the ornament color green, gold and maroon which will mine the vibrant experience of breaking the fast you and your family.

If you want to feel the unique experience of dining in the middle of the night market of Ramadan, Iftar here price starts from Rp. 318.000 ++ per person, including with compliments takjil and iced tea.

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small kitchen booth ideas

With Rp 6 million, Yully Business Lights Decoration

Yully Widianto grows among families who love the arts. That’s why since childhood he has been fascinated with this field mainly painting. After school, Yully often go to a book store and browsed the art design book happy interior. He was fond of browse images on the internet about the art of home interior.

Other news: College Dropout, Successful Selling Yully Lights up to Europe
Not satisfied look, he applied the hobby in arts in the form of paintings. Blood flowing in her art is what made him interested in deepen science of art with a Modern, educated at the School of Design (MSD), Yogyakarta.

small kitchen booth ideas

Yully had had painting Gallery near his home. He never sold the painting in a leather jacket and in 1996 to 1997 in Malioboro, Yogyakarta. From there, he had the idea to join the art exhibitions in several places.
The first art exhibition race in Ancol in 1997 until 1998. From the exhibition she got the idea to create the goods home interior design and creative materials. Yully tried to make the lights decorating with raw materials from nature.

With the results of the paintings sold at Malioboro, the savings and loan funds from STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES amounted to Rp 6 million, he attempts to build a steady home decorating items in Yogyakarta. He used raw materials continues to grow following the developments. He never made the light bulb decorations from the sand beach, stone powder, sand iron, bamboo, rattan, teak wood, cinnamon until scallops scallop

While creating items such as tables, chairs, mirrors and light House, the guy who has had two children also actively follow some exhibitions offered by the local City Government.

Become a craftsman House interior entrepreneur at the same time, his product Yully told me that once rejected by several galleries in Jakarta. He also had a chance to get consumers who are not cooperative. “There are gelari-gallery that are difficult to make payments so that income be delayed,” he said.
But gradually began a revival of its products by the market. Starting from its participation following the crafts exhibition in Dubai, held by the Government, could get a chance Yully showcased its products to overseas buyers.
The response of the buyer from the Middle East turned out to be quite good. Its products favored and began to be known. Yully also follow other exhibitions abroad. That’s what paved the way for him to market its products abroad.

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